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The Good, The Bad & The Awkward

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Dealing With Maternity Leave as a Blogger

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Pregnancy Diary | Week 34

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Best of Forever Amber

A selection of some of the best/ most popular posts from my blog: http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/best-forever-amber.html

Inside the free baby box for Scottish parents

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Pregnancy Diary | Week 33

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Betsy: The Reveal

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Getting Organised for 2018 (plus discount code)

On the blog today I'm collaborating with Snapfish to get organised for 2018 - and there's also a discount code for my readers! Check it out here: http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/getting-organised-2018-calendar

Getting Organised for 2018 (plus discount code)

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The Search for a Stylish Changing Bag

I've talked about this before, I know, but, as soon as you announce that you're pregnant, people start lining up to tell you about how you Can't Have Nice Things any more, because OBVIOUSLY, duh! So far, I've been told that I... 01. Can't have nice shoes, because, in the unlikely event that my feet don't grow during pregnancy, "nice" shoes just aren't practical enough for all of the "chasing around after a toddler" I'll be doing. [ 537 more words ]


Pregnancy Diary | Week 32

We have a date, people! I actually wasn't expecting to be told this for another couple of weeks or so, but on Tuesday morning I had a appointment with my midwife, who told me she'd just checked the system, and my elective c-section has been booked for... December 29th! This is, as you can probably imagine, is both really, really scary, and really, really exciting, in equal measures. [ 966 more words ]


Where Should Besty Live?

Everyone, this is Betsy, our brand new pink sofa of dreams: Betsy is what's called a "cuddler sofa" - so, she's a two seater... but only if the two people in question are comfortable having a bit of a cuddle. Awww! She's also, as you can see, pink and perfect - so, when the kind people at… [ 597 more words ]


Why I’m Having an Elective C-Section

Well, it looks like we're doing this, folks: I'm having an elective c-section. (Or that's the plan, anyway: but more on that later...) Last week I had an appointment with my doctor, at which I signed the consent forms: which means that, at some point within the next few weeks, I'll get a letter in the mail giving me the date of my baby's birthday - how crazy is that? [ 1,294 more word ]


Maternity Style| The Cream Dress

So, this dress doesn't look the same as it did the last time I wore it, huh? This obviously doesn’t come as much of a surprise – I mean, I AM 32 weeks pregnant, now, so it would be pretty weird if I looked exactly the same, wouldn’t it? Like, the last time I wore this dress, I had to belt it at the waist, because it was a little too big for me, and now? [ 528 more words ]


The Good, The Bad & The Awkward

Ha, you all thought I'd totally forgotten about my brand new blog series, in which I round up some of the good, bad and downright awkward things that have happened to me lately, didn't you? Well, you are... actually partly correct: I didn't forget, exactly, I just got a bit distracted by other stuff for a while there. I'm back now, though, so here's the lowdown... [ 1,743 more word ]


My 3rd Trimester Maternity Essentials

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I'm finding that pregnancy has managed to come up with a whole new set of challenges - you know, just to keep me on my toes, I guess? Here are some of the hero products that have been getting me through it so far... 01. V-shaped pregnancy pillow So, basically the 3rd trimester hath murdered sleep. [ 1,264 more word ]


Pregnancy Diary | Week 31

This week I happened to overhear Terry on the phone to his brother, who'd presumably asked how I was doing. "She's very tired, and pretty grumpy, really," said Terry, "But I guess that's to be expected at this stage..." "I AM NOT GRUMPY!" I yelled, grumpily. I stand by it, too. OK, maybe a little bit grumpy, actually, because, well, here are some things I'm really looking forward to being able to do again in January: [ 1,215 more word ]


26 Ways to Make Your Instagram Account More Interesting

Over the last few months, I've completely changed my approach to Instagram, and, instead of trying to stick to a specific "theme" or grow my following, I've been focusing on making it a place to share some of my favourite photos instead, Here are some of the techniques I've been trying to use to make my Instagram account a little more interesting... [ 7,044 more words ]


Maternity Style | What Would Audrey Do?

Guys! Guys! I found a jacket that still fits me! I can't even tell you how exciting this was for me... or how retrospectively embarrassing it is to realise that my day can now be made by a jacket, FFS. (Oh, who am I kidding: I've ALWAYS been able to get ridiculously excited by outerwear, haven't I?) This little 60s-inspired jacket was originally from New Look, but it must be at least six years old by now. [ 624 more words ]


Winter Coats in (Almost) Every Colour of the Rainbow

I may not love winter, but man, do I LOVE winter coats: in fact, with the exception of my one true love, shoes (And, OK, there IS that designer handbag handbag habit, but I try not to think too hard about that...), they're the item I spend most money on, and get the most pleasure out of buying. Well, when you live in the UK, you have to make winter bearable… [ 295 more words ]


Posters with Scandinavian Design - Buy your Poster from Desenio

Want some new artwork for your wall? The code “foreveramber” gives you 25% off posters* between 31st October - 5th November at Desenio. *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frame" - shop here: https://desenio.co.uk/

Pregnancy Diary | Week 30

Some things I have had to stop myself Googling this week: 01. If I have to have a c-section with a spinal block, and I sneeze during it, what will happen? Like, will my guts just all go flying across the room, and hit the surgical team in the face? Because it seems to me like that's EXACTLY what will… [ 2,553 more words ]


Lifestyle Blogs UK Top 10 | Vuelio

Thanks to Vuelio for including me in their UK Lifestyle Blog ranking! http://www.vuelio.com/uk/social-media-index/lifestyle-blogs-uk-top-10/

5 Things Bloggers Need to Know About Working With Brands

In the past week I've received the following requests from brands, all of whom claimed to be "huge fans" of my blog, and absolutely desperate to be featured on it: 01. An "opportunity" for me to win a skiing holiday by entering a competition in which I'd write a post - about skiing, natch - on my blog, and hope the brand liked it enough to reward me for it. [ 1,807 more word ]


Choosing Artwork for Our Baby Boy’s Nursery

I'm saving the full nursery reveal until the furniture arrives mid-November (Because without a crib, and other baby-related stuff, it's basically just a room right now, albeit one with a rapidly-growing collection of soft toys in it...), but until that blessed day comes, I thought I share a quick look at some of the prints we've selected for the walls. Or the… [ 583 more words ]


The Pet Collective

Just because...

Maternity Style | The Green Dress at 30 Weeks

OK, so, technically I was just 29 weeks and six days pregnant when these photos were taken, but my bump didn't change that much overnight, so I'm calling it 30 weeks: which is a number that seems almost as big as my belly is right now. (Actually, I don't really notice the bump change much at all from day to day - it's only really when I look back at photos that I'm like, "WHOA, MY BELLY GREW AGAIN!" and Terry's just all, "You don't say...") [ 467 more words ]


Everyday Luxuries from Gordon Castle

So, I've reached that stage of pregnancy where I basically just feel frumpy, flabby and like I need an entire day in a beauty salon - at least - to feel even vaguely human right now. Unfortunately for me, though, that's definitely not on the cards: not only are most of the salon treatments I've been hankering after not advisable when you're pregnant, I've also been finding that most of the beauty products that have been catching my eye are similarly forbidden, with, "Please consult your doctor before use," written all over them. [ 658 more words ]


Pregnancy Diary | Week 29

I'm writing this post at 9pm the night before it goes live, and my main pregnancy symptom for this week could be pretty much summed up with the words, "Holy crap, I'm tired!", so here's a handy visual representation of how I've felt this week: I found this on my phone, so either Terry took it, or the bunny set the self-timer and did it himself. [ 1,217 more word ]


13 Things Pregnant Women Are Sick Of Hearing

I've written about the things pale girls are sick of hearing, the things women with long hair are sick of hearing, the things redheads are sick of hearing and - oh, yeah - I've also written similar posts about Scottish people and bloggers. You'd think there'd be nothing left for me to complain about by now, huh? [ 1,115 more word ]


Sloth Lovers

Starting the day with a video of a baby sloth...

Maternity wear. This is the kind of thing I'm up against, here:

3 Color Fashion